Cargo transport

Air freight, the Group’s second business in terms of revenues, is an activity necessary to the economics of long-haul.


Air France-KLM Cargo has embarked on an overhaul of its business model to strengthen its position in this highly competitive market. The Group prioritizes the capacity offered by the bellies of passenger aircraft, by taking advantage of its vast global network.

The bellies of passenger aircraft now carry 80% of total cargo. This capacity is supplemented by the full freighters which support the Group’s renowned expertise for its ability to handle atypical types of merchandise and enable access to additional destinations. The Group is also aiming to increase revenues by developing high added-value forms of air freight such as express cargo and the postal service which are seeing rapid growth with e-commerce and the pharmaceutical and aerospace sectors.

One of the most important levers involved combining the capacity and revenue management of the Group’s operators – Air France, KLM and Martinair. Thanks to common reservation tools, the commercial teams will be able to optimize the allocation of merchandise in the holds of all of the Group’s aircraft.

freighters (31 December 2019)
million tonnes of cargo carried in 2019
cargo destinations in 158 countries