Air France-KLM position on European slot conservation rules

Since the beginning of the crisis, the airlines of Air France-KLM Group have been adjusting their flight schedule in real time according to travel restrictions and demand levels, taking into account the slot conservation rules laid by European regulations.

These rules were suspended at the start of the COVID crisis and have been gradually reinstated since the winter 2021-2022 season, based on a capacity increase trajectory.

The rapid development of the Omicron variant and the resulting return of travel restrictions jeopardize this trajectory.

In this context, Air France-KLM would like the current situation to be better taken into account in the application of European regulations so that airlines can continue to adjust their offer to actual demand levels. In particular, the Group calls for more flexibility in the application of the force majeure rules allowing for derogations from the 50% slot utilization rule, which the EC is currently planning to raise to 64% as of April 2022.



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