Shareholding structure

Number of issued shares at December 31st, 2021

Number of issued shares: 642,634,034
Number of theoretical voting rights: 867,682,342
Number of exercisable voting rights: 848,169,460

Breakdown of capital as of June 30st, 2022


Summary of the statutory provisions concerning shareholders*

Identification and monitoring of shareholders

Articles 9 and the Company's following bylaws set the conditions under which the Board of Directors can or must decide either to reduce the 5% threshold (the current threshold) above which shares must be held in registered form to 10.000 shares, or to require all shares in the Company to be held in registered form. When the 40% share capital or voting right threshold has been passed by shareholders other than nationals of member states of European Union, the Board of Directors can decide to reduce this 2% threshold to 10.000 shares. When the Company has published a notice informing shareholders and the public that shareholders other than nationals of member states of European Union own on a long term basis, directly or indirectly, 45% of the Company's capital or voting rights, the Board of Directors must decide to make it mandatory for all Company shares to be held in registered form. The Company may at any time submit a request to the organization responsible for the compensation of securities to provide full details regarding the identification of holders of Company securities conferring immediate or future entitlements to vote at its shareholder meetings, in addition to information on the quantity of securities held by each one of them.  Article 10 of the bylaws defines the information that must be provided to the Company by shareholders—both private individuals and corporate bodies—subject to the obligation to hold their shares in registered form. This information includes the nationality of the shareholder. Article 11 defines the conditions under which the Board of Directors may exercise its right to approve new shareholders.

Formal notice to sell and mandatory sale of shares

Article 15 of the Company's bylaws stipulates the information that the Company must publish and distribute to inform the public that over 45% of the share capital or voting rights is held by shareholders other than shareholders nationals of member states of European Union. Based on this threshold, the Company will be entitled to launch procedures requiring the sale of shares in order to protect its nationality. Articles 15 and 16 respectively concern formal notices to sell and the mandatory sale of shares held in breach of regulations.

*The information contained herein summarises the main statutory provisions concerning shareholders but does not replace or supersede reading and respect of the company's bylaws, available via the following link: Articles of incorporation

Notification of crossing of statutory shareholding threshold(s)

Pursuant to article 13 of Air France-KLM's articles of association (as amended by Shareholders’ Meeting of May 28 2019), any person (individual or legal entity), acting individually or in concert and holding (directly or indirectly) 0.5% or more of Air France-KLM's share capital or voting rights (or any multiple of this percentage) is required to notify us within 4 trading days of the threshold having been crossed. Such declaration must include all the information that the Company must provide to the Autorité des marchés financiers in the event of crossing legal thresholds, as well as the information provided for in Article 10 of the Articles of Incorporation;

*In accordance with article L. 233-14 of the French Commercial Code and for a period of 2 years from the date of effective notification.